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AOL is a web mail client is one of the generally utilized email application among Americans. This commonly used email client AOL stands for America Online is a paid email services build for American people. Generally our email account stores all official or personal data that we do not want to lose at any cost. The main purpose of the AOL account user is to keep their secure & safeguard their data from any mishaps that’s why they use paid email services instead of free services. In case of accidental or permanent deletion of AOL emails, we may lose our email. In such cases, we can secure our all the AOL emails or chats and save it in local system. The article will be discussing about an alternatives to keep AOL emails safe & how to retrieve deleted messages from AOL mail account after permanent deletion.

In How many Days you can Recover Deleted AOL mails

If you have deleted your AOL emails, they are automatically transferred to "Recently Deleted" folder or "Trash" folder and they retain there for up to 7 days. After that, the emails get purged automatically by AOL system and in that case recovery will be impossible.

Steps to Recover Deleted Email from AOL Mail

In order to restore your deleted AOL emails, here are the steps:

Step 1: Using your web browser, go to the AOL official website At top right corner of the AOL page, hit the envelope icon to move to AOL Mail.

Step 2: Login to your AOL account. When you get signed in, click the Trash icon located at the left panel. This shall open the email from your Trash folder which you have deleted from Inbox or other mailboxes.

Step 3: If you want to restore any of the emails, click on the check box to select the email message.

Step 4: After selecting the deleted emails, click the Action button above then in the pull down menu, click on "Inbox" under "Move To" group of commands. This step move the deleted emails that you selected back to the Inbox.

Step 5: Congratulations! Your have restored deleted emails from AOL mail.

Note: If the retention period of email is over then you would not be able to retrieve deleted messages from AOL mail.

Why AOL Email Recovery Required

Since data is vital in our day to day life, therefore we required that we must have disaster recovery solution that can fix our data loss issues to recover the deleted emails by mistake or intentionally. Many companies utilize AOL desktop client as their corporate email platform, to exchange emails & store their official employee’s account id.

The deleted emails are not actually deleted but they get stored in Deleted items/ trash Folder. These emails are retain in the Trash folder for some days i.e. around 7 days which allows AOL user to restore the deleted emails under the retention period. If you didn’t restore the deleted email within the retention period you may lose your data permanently, which means the complete data of your lifespan.

Alternative Solution to Safeguard AOL mail

To secure your data from future mishaps there is a solution that you download your AOL emails into local storage space. Keeping data in your local PC gives you the peace of mind & ensure your data security. For this you can do this by configuring AOL desktop with your AOL mail client. If you are non technical user then you can also use our AOL Email Backup Service to download & store your data. If in case you deleted AOL email permanently, you can retrieve back from the backup you have created. The great thing with creating a replica of AOL mails is that you can recover the emails that were deleted from the desktop email program using the backup.


The article discussed the data safety of your AOL emails, how to safeguard data & how to prevent the data from permanent deletion. If by chance the mails get deleted then how to recover and perform the disaster recovery. The blog further discusses why recovery of AOL Deleted Emails is needed by the user and the possible steps to avoid loss of emails is stated. The services allow user to save the email folders like inbox, sent items, trash or other folders from the AOL account.