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Recover Forgotten AOL Password

Do you want to Recover Forgotten AOL Password?
Or looking for Recovery Option for resetting AOL Password?
Or want to Reset AOL password without alternate email?
or looking to know the Reason for: Why won’t AOL accept your password?

I hope your answer is yes, that’s why you are reading further. Let us introduce us; we are a group of expert engineers who provide solution for recovering your AOL password in every scenario except unethical situations.

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By using our AOL Password Recovery Service you can:

  1. Recover forgotten AOL Password
  2. Reset the Credentials when AOL won't let you reset your password
  3. Recover Complex AOL Password
  4. Recover forgotten AOL Password
  5. Change AOL password without alternate email or security question

Note: We do not promote hacking. So please do not expect from us to hack someone’s AOL account. You must be the owner of the AOL account for which you are trying to reset password.

Service to Recover Forgotten AOL Password:

We first analyze your requirement properly then give you the solution & services accordingly. It entirely depends on your working scenario with which you are more comfortable. Let’s have a look on the four options which we generally provide our customer to take AOL backup:

#1 Recover AOL Password: If you forgot AOL password, let us know, we will restore the password & help you to access your AOL mail account again.

#2 Reset AOL Password: Well we know, you can easily reset your AOL password, but sometime user reported an error message: “We’re sorry... we are not able to reset your password right now” when they tried to reset their AOL account password. If you are facing the same error message, let us know, we will resolve the issue further.

#3 Recover complex AOL Password: Well it doesn’t matter for us that how much complex password you have been set & forget. We help you to make your AOL account accessible again at your end without any hurdles.

#4 Compliance & Security: We also assure your data integrity & it will remain confidential. Moreover we also assure that your data will not be fetched or pulled by any means at our end.

Conventional Steps to Restore AOL Password

  • Visit the Official Page of AOL Password Recovery

  • Next they prompt you to verify the ownership of the AOL account. For this you may need to provide your mobile number & click the Next button
  • Then they will send you a message of verification code on your mobile number. Enter the code.
  • After entering the code, you will get a screen to reset the AOL password
  • Tip: Add a Strong password & save it in your Excel sheet maintains the Passwords of your account.
  • Then you will get a message: your password has been reset. AOL will confirm your primary phone number & email & click on Update now button.
  • That’s it. You are done with resetting your AOL account password.
  • If the above step does not help you to recover your AOL password, then consider to give a call on 3rd party AOL Tech Support Phone number: +1-855-707-0676
    Our customer service is another alternative way to help you with the password then.

Tech Talks

My AOL account has been suspended & I am unable to access it because it seems someone hacked my AOL account into and I need to reset my password?

It might happen that you have login your AOL account from a very long time & they may have suspended your AOL account. And now when you are trying to login your AOL account and then suddenly get a password reset sent to the email. Please make sure to check your alternative email accounts folder which may receive your reset password.

Recently our company upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows10, consequently all of our saved password of system & other account were lost. And I am habitual to auto saved, through which my AOL password in remembered in Chrome. Unfortunately I didn’t remember the password, when I tried to reset it, asked me for an alternate email address. And seriously I even not remember the email id from which I have created the AOL ID. Still I can access the account from my Android phone. Any help would be appreciable if somehow I can get the credentials back

As the app is login into your mobile, you can try the option to text a recovery code to your phone. Then reset the AOL password and change the alternate email address.

I don't have backup options, and I do not remember my AOL password. Is there any way to reset without calling AOL?

You can check if your older computer running browsers on them (the typical browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, SeaMonkey, Opera, etc.). Run all of the browsers on your current computer too. Each browser has its own settings, but you can try to find the saved passwords in the browser. You can export browser setting as well. Usually, those are in "Settings" > "Security" under "Saved Log-in names" or "Saved Passwords". After exporting browser settings from older computer copy into your new computer & import all the setting on relevant browser commonly you were using. Then open the login screen of AOL in the browser you were using & if you have save the password your account would get login again without calling for AOL help.

I am facing a challenge while opening my AOL account. I get an error message: Created ID and it is not working. Maybe the account not registered properly. Any advice?

Clear the Cache and Cookies of your current browser you are using and then try again to login your account. You may also try on Incognito mode or in another browser. Also assure you have allowed permission for AOL on your Security settings within your browser and firewall. If you still unable to sign in AOL after performing the above solutions then delete your AOL account and then try again to create a new one. Make sure you are entering the correct details like alternate email and phone information for Recovery options.

I am trying to change password but where it says Enter what you see above there is a blank screen? How can I set the password when I am not getting any letters in the box above to type in?

Sometime unknowingly your browser images get disable. First check if it is enabled or not. Generally in Google chrome, Move for the following settings step:

  • Click the menu in the upper-right corner, click "Settings" and "Advanced Settings"
  • Then click "Content Settings...
  • Then, uncheck the option "Do not show any images".

Note: In other browser find the setting, if not found then Google it “How to enable image in browser name”

I recently change my number, because I deactivated the first one due to some reason. I didn’t remember the fact of AOL credential before deactivating it. Now can I change password recovery option & update it with my new number in case when I forgot the AOL password too? Where I can get the code alternatively?

If you remembered the email id from which you have registered, you can get the code & change the password recovery option & update your phone number by new number. Thanks.

I can't reset my AOL password... it is demanding to enter USA contact number but I don't have the number now. And I am now staying in Malaysia... I am unable to access the number. Let me know the other options.

Other than mobile number verification you can provide email to get the verification code. Other than that if you have payment receipt of your AOL account then also you can provide them & recover your AOL account. To call them either use Skype or Google voice because in ticket it would ask for the US number. Or you can email them or use the Live chat button for verifying payment detail of your account.

Invalid Password Popup Keeps prompting on Sign in screen of AOL?
When I set up a on a different AOL desktop, I may have put in the wrong password at first time. Now every time it is prompting an error message "invalid email or password" although I am entering the correct one. What will be the best possible solution for the same?

First, try to change the password by visit their official Account Reset Password. You may need to contact AOL Tech support team if it gets failed. Alternatively clear your browser cache and any stored password information for AOL. Second, check the keys of Keyboard are working in proper manner. Like Caps Lock is on/off, Shift button is not pressed. Finally, you can visit their tutorials which they have created for resetting AOL password for maximum scenario.