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How to Block Unwanted AOL Mails

AOL Mail has a powerful feature to block email addresses & the domain to prevent receiving emails into your inbox. Blocking email messages made the email invisible from your Inbox directly & moved to Spam folder automatically. But you can customize the spam settings in order to avoid the mail permanently from a specific email address or domain.

Tip: Your blocked email list works in conjunction with AOL's junk mail filter, not instead of it. The possible way to handle the unsolicited mail is to manually report flag that message as spam, not to manually block its sender. Consider calling AOL Helpline number if you find any difficulty.

Option to Deal with Blocked AOL Mail

Once you get sign in to your AOL account;

  • Click on the Options button » then Select Mail Setting from the dropdown menu
  • In next window click “Spam Settings” from the left side.
  • The Sender Filter allows you to include senders and domains you want to block from your AOL account. By default, your blocked list is empty. You can also look for other setting options that AOL Mail provides you: click on the dropdown arrow next to "Block mail from addresses I specify".

Mail Blocking Scenarios

There are some options provided by AOL for blocking emails addresses which are given below:

"Block mail from addresses I specify": It is the default selected option as it is the most common: all messages AOL hasn't filtered as spam will go to your inbox, except for the email ids or domains you've manually blocked!

"Allow mail from all senders": This option is same as an empty block list: all messages not filtered as junk mail will be received in your inbox.

"Allow mail only from users": This is a best option for kids: the only contacts you've added to your address book able to send you email messages - everything else will go in spam folder!

"Allow mail only from people I know": This is a best option for kids: the only contacts you've added to your address book able to send you email messages - everything else will go in spam folder!

"Allow mail only from addresses I specify": except for official notices from AOL, your inbox will only preview emails from your address book - others will be transferred to the Spam folder, or get automatically deleted.

"Block mail from all senders": This is the only situation when you do not want to use your AOL account anymore & kept the AOL email id just for accessing your old AOL emails messages.

To implement the settings you have selected, click on Save Settings. Please note that only your future emails get affected by the changed setting. Your previous mail remains as it is in your Inbox folder.

Add Email Addresses to AOL Block List Manually

If required, select "Block mail from addresses I specify" from the dropdown menu; then, provide an email address which you want to block and click Enter.

Continue the above steps with all the email address whichever you want to block. In next section we are going to email addresses from a particular domain.

Note: If you are blocking email id that ends with, then you do not need to specify the complete email address Just enter the user id. It will understand & suffix automatically. This is a time saving tip which you can utilize for blocking multiple aol email address in short span of period.

When the process gets completed, scroll down to the window & click on Save Settings.

Block Email Id from Entire Domain

To stop unwanted emails from a specific domain like: “” “”, or any other domain “” just specify the domain name with its TLD with an asterisk mark. Like: * The asterisk is a common special symbol to specify "everything". In any case, the blocked email domain will appear the same way in your blocked list:

Warning: Blocking email address from a specific domain does not allow you to receive emails from any sender of the domain, indiscriminately. So utilize this bulk-blocking feature with proper caution, otherwise you may lose your future contacts or few friendships.

How to Unblock Email Addresses in AOL

If you figured out, that the decision of blocking email id is incorrect, then you can unblock email sender or domain. The setting to unblock email addresses are as follow:

  1. Sign in to your AOL account.
  2. Go to Option » Mail Settings » Spam Settings
  3. Hover your mouse above the blocked sender you want to unblock & click the “x” button on the right.

Block Email ID by Attachment or Keyword

If the sender is sending phishing messages from different email id, then you can try another option to block the messages.

Under Spam Settings go to Content Filter then check the option “Block mail containing pictures or files”. This option stop messages embedded with attachments

Block email messages by file attachment or keyword

Two more options under your spam settings let you block emails: look at the two checkboxes under "Content Filter": if you check the "Block mail containing pictures or files" checkbox, any message that comes with an attachment

If you select the "Block mail containing specific words and phrases" option, a text box and listing will appear. Type the keyword or key phrase inside the text box & press Enter. The message which contains the specified keyword or key phrases will get blocked & received in Spam folder or get automatically deleted.

Where does blocked mail go?

Well you have safer option to move blocked emails to the Spam folder. If you need to delete the messages from Spam folder automatically then you can select the option “Permanently Delete Blocked Mail” at the bottom.